The Savages

The Savages is a serial in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from May 28 to June 18, 1966.

The TARDIS materializes on a distant planet in the far future. The Doctor, Steven and Dodo find the planet inhabited by both an advanced, idyllic civilization (the Elders), and bands of roaming savages.

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Only stills and fragments exist of the four episodes but the complete soundtrack recordings, as recorded off-air by fans and coupled with linking narration by Peter Purves, have been released on CD;

There are many reconstructions either by the official reconstruction team, loose cannon or smaller fan groups. Heres an example;

As mentioned, all four episodes of this serial are missing from the BBC archive. A few brief off-air 8 mm film recordings made by fans represent the only extant clips (which include the departure of Steven) and were made available on the DVD box set release Lost in Time.

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A novelisation of this serial, written by Ian Stuart Black, was published by Target Books in March 1986.

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