The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors is a serial in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in six weekly parts from November 11 to December 16, 1967. This serial marked the debut of the Ice Warriors.

In the far distant future, an old Georgian mansion known as Brittanicus Base within a geodesic protective dome is storming with activity. Senior control technician Miss Jan Garrett and her staff struggle to control an ioniser which they are using to slow the progress of glaciers rolling over Britain and halt a new Ice Age.

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All save episodes two and three of The Ice Warriors still exist in the BBC Archives. The four existing episodes were all found in BBC Enterprises' Villiers House property, in August 1988. They were only discovered as the corporation was in the process of moving out of the building.

The soundtrack was released with linking narration by Frazer Hines;

"Dr Who - The Ice Warriors Collection" boxset was released on VHS in 1998, comprising of:

Tape 1; "The Ice Warriors" (116 Min) with a linking "Special Reconstruction" to fill the two-episode gap
Audio CD; The full audio soundtracks of missing episodes 2 and 3;
Tape 2; "The Missing Years" (56 Min) featuring a documentary about the lost Dr Who episodes (see Lost in Time) and the earliest archived Troughton episode (see The Underwater Menace).
Accompaning Book; "A History of the Reptiles from The Red Planet" (42 pages - all text, except 2 showing Radio Times listings).

Loose Cannon, The Recon Team and fans are putting these episodes back together. Heres a clip from one of the surviving episodes;

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A novelisation of this serial, written by Brian Hayles, was published by Target Books in March 1976. The base computer system is dubbed ECCO and it is often referred to that way by fans even though it is an invention for the novelisation.

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