Mission to the Unknown

"Mission to the Unknown" is an episode in the television series Doctor Who. It is a standalone episode, serving as an introduction to the 12 part story The Daleks' Master Plan. It is notable for the complete absence of the regular cast, including the Doctor (although William Hartnell is still credited on-screen). The story focusses on Marc Cory and his attempts to warn Earth of the Daleks latest plan.

Along with Marco Polo and The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve, this serial survives in audio form only — with no visual footage currently known to exist. The audio was released as part of the soundtrack CD The Daleks Master Plan, released on CD and MP3.

A fan-made reconstruction using the off-air sound recording, off-air photographs and image compilation was released by Loose Cannon Productions in 2000. Theres also loads of stuff on YouTube. This is a great example of a fan reenaction;

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