DOCTOR WHO and the scales of injustice

To: Professor Andrew MontroseResearch and DevelopmentDepartment of SciencesCambridge UniversityCambridgeshire
October 14th
Dear Professor Montrose,
Regarding the existing agreement between your Department and Department C19 of HM Government's Ministry of Defence, reference number JS/77546/cf.
As you know, C19 has, over the past few years, continued to subsidize a great number of individual projects and courses and co-sponsored a number of staff at your facility.
As per the above agreement, C19 requests four attachments to begin immediately at locations of our choosing. These simultaneous attachments are scheduled to run between twelve and twenty-four months.
The researchers we require are:
Richard AtkinsonDoctor James D. GriffinDoctor Elizabeth ShawCathryn Wildeman
Please inform the above that their attachments will be beginning on Monday 21st October. They will be collected by our representatives and taken to their place of work.
Please inform the attachees that to comply with the Civil Defence (Amended) Act (1964) they will be required to sign the Official Secrets Act (1963) before leaving Cambridge.
You can assure the attachees that they are not being seconded to work on any projects that they may find morally objectionable, including weapon-development programmes, military hardware design, or any related matters. Many thanks for your co-operation in this matter.
Yours faithfully,
Sir John SudburyAdministratorDepartment C19Ministry of Defence